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Stacy Adams



In My Own Words


I want to start by saying that I truly hold a solid belief that each and every human deserves to feel happiness, love, excitement, contentment, and ultimately to achieve their dreams, desires, goals, and best-selves! I absolutely bear a genuine passion and craving to help people. Whether that be a child struggling with ADHD, individuals and families navigating neurodivergence, including autism, an individual struggling with depression that is limiting their overall quality of life, a couple struggling to hold the relationship together, or an entire family struggling to connect, I am devoted to seeking out and resolving the obstacles impeding their ability to live happy, healthy, and fulfilled lives. I consider it a privilege to walk alongside those that allow me to be a part of their healing journey, and work together to resolve the obstacles impending on their lives. I utilize evidence-based approaches, techniques, and skills that I have acquired throughout my journey in becoming a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, accompanying my instinctive, deep-seated eagerness for healing individuals, couples, & families, in order to facilitate our time together. As a team, we can get you to the place you want to be in life, weeding out the obstacles in your way, to attain growth, love, healing, and happiness!

I am the owner of Absolute Individual & Family Therapy, PLLC, located within Stonehaven Behavioral Health & Wellness. I have been exposed to, and have facilitated, treatment for multiple populations including children, pre-teens, teen, couples, adults, families, and the elderly. I have experience treating a wide variety of mental health issues, disturbances, and diagnoses, including behavioral irregularities, depression, anxiety, pre-marital issues, marital issues, family problems, anger, defiance, SMI, and many more.


I am genuinely interested in helping people achieve their best possible lives. I have a strong desire to become their ultimate best-selves, as well as strengthen connections, and improve overall functioning. I strive to provide a therapeutic environment, with the inclusion of a person-centered, loving, open-minded, and supportive stance. I would describe my personality as enthusiastic when helping others. I maintain a definitive consideration for all cultural and social differences. Individuals, couples, children, families, all are encouraged to come by and are welcomed! Can't wait to work with you! 

         - Stacy 


My Therapeutic Approach & Certifications

I am a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist, Psychotherapist licensed in the state of Arkansas by the Arkansas Board of Examiners in Counseling and Marriage and Family Therapy (ARBOEC). I obtained my Masters Degree in Marriage and Family Therapy from John Brown University and absolutely love my career. I present in the confines of my therapy room with an integrative approach to therapy model. To bridge the gap and meet each unique individual in need, I pull from a variety of evidence-based therapies and techniques. I am a trauma and grief specialist, trained in Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing (EMDR) therapy, have obtained my certification for rendering tele-mental health services, Certified Clinical Anxiety Treatment Professional for Adults, Children and Adolescents (CCATP-CA), Certified Dialectical Behavior Therapist (C-DBT), and most recently have obtained the honor of being considered Autism Spectrum Disorder Clinical Specialist (ASDCS). I have experience working with children, couples, individuals, and families in a variety of settings. My ultimate goal is to help clients find their best selves, attain happiness, healing, growth, and so much more! 


  • 2013- Associate of Arts in General Studies, University of Arkansas - Fort Smith

  • 2015- Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, University of Arkansas - Fort Smith 

  • 2018- Master of Science in Marriage and Family Therapy, John Brown University

  • Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT) by the Arkansas Board of Examiners in Counseling and Marriage and Family Therapy (ARBOEC)

  • Telemental Health Therapy 

  • Certified Clinical Anxiety Treatment Professional (CCATP-CA) to include adult, child, adolescent specialist

  • Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing Certification Trained (EMDR) 

  • Certified Dialectical Therapist (C-DBT)

  • Autism Spectrum Disorder Specialist (ASDCS)


Absolute Individual and Family Therapy, PLLC

(located within Stonehaven Behavioral Health & Wellness)

16135 Highway 71 South

Greenwood, AR 72936

P: (479) 996-5433     (request Stacy Adams)

F: (479) 996-0438

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